Plenes de seny. Concert for Pronomo flute, sub-bass flute, live electronics and symphonic wind orchestra. Ensems 2020 comission.


    Ícarus. Opera for flutes, tubes and live electronics. Soundcloud

    Elogi d'Aire. Sound installation.The Art Blender, Mostra Sonora de Sueca comission.

    V1, M2 and M3. Three acousmatic miniatures.


    LESA. For trumpet and amplified piano. INAEM-CNDM comission.

    Flaudamio. Guided improvisation for flaudamio, live electronics and live sonogram projection.


    Cuasicristal III. For flute, alto saxophone, piano, and string trio. Comissioned by United Instruments of Lucilin (Luxembourg).

    Low. For sub-bass flute, bass clarinet, tuba and live electronics.

    Worstward. For bass clarinet and 8 channels live electronics.


    Garabatos. For Bb clarinet, cello, percussion and live electronics. Work inside "Sound Spaces for Cervantes Project".

    Time folds II. For alto flute, bass clarinet, percussion, cello, double bass and helmholtz resonators. Francisco Guerrero Marín Award in Jóvenes Compositores 2016.

    Unfold II. For subcontrabass flute, inside "Low project".

    Unfold I. For alto flute and live electronics in 8 channels.

    Venes de Foc. Interactive site specific installation. Collaborative work.


    Kantaber. For amplified tuba.

    Pronomos Space [e]. For Pronomo flute and live electronics in 8 channels.

    Pronomo's Space. For solo Pronomo flute.

    Travesía. Interactive mixed-media installation. Collaborative work.


    El Mar La Mar. For fixed media, 8 speakers and Spectral Diffusion. Soundcloud

    Crescencia. SGAE Foundation and AEOS commission for Spanish Radio and TV Orchestra and Choir.


    Cuasicristal II. For flute, clarinet, violin, cello and vibraspeakers. Soundcloud

    Blau, entre lo que yo veo y tu escuchas. Music for ensemble and holophonic spatialisation ad libitum. Francisco Guerrero Marín Award in Jóvenes Compositores 2013.


    Contrarreforma laboral II. Fixed media in 2 channels.

    Cuasicristal I. For symphonic bass drum, violin, viola, cello, bass flute and bass clarinet. INJUVE Award 2012.

    Contrarreforma laboral I. Sonorization of a Elvira Ramos' poem.


    Koch’s Space. Tenor saxophone and live electronics spatialisation. Soundcloud

    Slap, work in progress. Fix media piece for 18 real channels.

    Moment Specific, work in progress. Improvisation for live electronics and saxophone duet.

    Rencontres Sonores. For flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and cello. Accésit Injuve Awards 2011. Soundcloud