Crossing the States of the Word

The aim of the installation is to forge connections between Spain and Colombia (the guest country of ARCO 2015). In this way, the two main ideas to work in the different artistic areas of this collaborative work are the language and the physical space that separates both countries; the sea. With this starting point we decided to make a journey installation, in which people could navigate inside different states of the word; written word: said word, printed word and a sea of words —all presented with the most cutting edge technologies—.

Installation states

Zone 1 is a small black room with video art, in which people from Colombia are recorded reading passages from the books of Gabriel García Márquez. These words are captured by software and shaped into a 3D word form that is sent to Zone 2. In this section the sound of words (spoken word) in the form of a sound wave is reinterpreted as printed word.

Zone 2 is the space in which the words captured in Zone 1 are printed (written word). 50 3D printers working at the same time will print around 10,000 words during the period of the exhibition.

Zone 3 is a synthetic sea of words in which the visitors allocate all the words printed during the exhibition. In this part the idea of the physical space between Colombia and Spain and the idea of the shared language comes together in the final part of the installation.