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Pronomo flute

The Pronomo flute is a new and unique instrument developed by Julián Elvira. This flute is a new step in the evolution of Boehm system, which implements small and big holes in all the range of the flute. This allows the flutist not only to play quarter tones in all the range of the flute, but moreover brings 23 million possibilities of fingerings and add huge possibilities of producing multiphonics.

The piece

This piece translates two main concepts that are employed in electroacoustic spectral diffusion techniques. Firstly, the concept of elastic band that refers to changes over time in the range of a determined band of frequencies. This concept is translated to Pronomos piece using a technique known as serial closing. It consists of leaving one hole open and continuously closing the others as normal. This affects the timbre characteristics and pitch that is compressed in a kind of irregular deformation of the normal fingering scale. The Pronomos flute is playing therefore all the fingering extension, but the band of frequencies that it produces is smaller than normal.