Cuasicristal I

INJUVE first prize in Contemporary Creation 2012


The work is intended to setup on stage string trio and symphonic bass drum as if it were a quartet. The bass flute must be placed on one side behind the public so that the foot is oriented to the wall. On the opposite side should be the bass clarinet.

As far as possible, it is appropriate that the public does not see the performers that are located behind, nor stands located to suggest that it is going to be playing from there. The first entry should be by surprise.

String preparation

All string instruments (V. Vla. And VC.) have two strings manipulated (I and IV). Each of the strings have a lead wire around the string in a spiral form.

Once the instrument is tuned (standard tuning without scordatura), it finds the point from the bridge to the fingerboard 3/4 tone higher. From this point to the bridge coil the lead wire to the string to vibrate with it.